• How can I refill my game account?

    To recharge the game account, you must:

    • Select the game you are choose in online directories or by searching;
    • Press "Add funds"
    • In the dialog box, enter the game ID;
    • Specify the payment amount;
    • Choose a convenient payment method;
    • Confirm the payment by pressing the "Pay";

    For more information about the payments through the website visit the page "How to update your account"

  • How fast my game account will be credited after payment?

    Recharging is carried out online. In exceptional cases, payment may be delayed up to a few minutes

  • How do I know the status of the payment?
    • You will receive an e-mail notification from the game, which have been refilled earlier.
    • After registering on the site, this information will be available in the Personal Cabinet
  • What payment methods are available on the website?

    We offer our clients a a wide variety of payment methods:

    • Visa and Mastercard credit cards;
    • E-Wallets
    • Self-service terminals;
    • Bank transfers
  • Why should I register on the website?

    Registering your Personal Cabinet is not required, you can refill the game account anonymously. However, the registration gives a number of advantages and allows you to:

    • Track transaction history;
    • Correct your data in Personal Cabinet;
    • Track your recharging statistics;
    • To participate in the loyalty programs and bonus offers;
    • Quickly resolve technical issues through technical support service
    • Create payment templates
  • How can I register in the online game?

    To register in the game you're interested in, just go to the game page in the website section "Products" and click on the "Register" button, which leads to the original games domain page.

  • I made a successful payment, but money didn't come to my sccount? What's next?

    Fill in the feedback form at support@leogaming.net, indicating the name of the game, tour game ID, the amount of money which is paid, and the date of payment.

    Also, heck your account activity in the game. In the case of inactivity or locking your account, please, contact the tech support of the game

  • What should I do if the payment came to incorrectly entered account?

    Fill in the feedback form. Please, describe the situation with the name of the game, your game ID, the amount of which is paid, and the date of payment.

    * Most of the games do not have a tool cancellation fees. If payment has was made in last 24 hours, and not received the final status in the processing system, there is a theoretically possibility to cancel it. So in case of such a situation, please promptly notify us via the feedback form.

  • The system responds that the entered account number is incorrect. What’s next?
    • Make sure that the account you entered is correct;
    • Check out the other refilling options available with this service (phone number, email, id);
    • Fill in the feedback form with details of the unsuccessful attempt to refill (with the name of the services account and the amount you want to pay)

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